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Walking with the shadows of Karagiozis, Studies - Essays


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The Greek Shadow Theater has all the backgrounds to express theatrical and popular way, in a constant process of fermentation and analysis, the modern Greek reality and to emerge as a theater of combative topicality. Karagiozis, with a huge cultural stature and a topical discourse, very often beyond his time, a discourse of opposition and rupture, freedom and challenge, in the new conditions that are forming in Greece in the Balkans, can not play a meaningless role. Karagiozis' patches, in the difficult, miserable and crippling years that they impose on us, will acquire an ever-increasing step, reason and topicality, like a mirror in which society will see its wrinkles. In the essays and studies of this collection, a journey in the essence of our art, have been deposited everything that between persons, years and destinies I heard to hear from old and new masters of "berde". This effort is typical of all my many years and multifaceted operation in the world of our barefoot hero, in the dream and the magic of the Greek folk shadow theater. It is a journey that has been completed over the course of time, from the style, the ethos, the speech and the image of the tradition to the artistic dramatic perception and the innovations, advocating for the liveliness, functionality, assimilation and adaptability of the shadow theater, qualifications that allowed him to thrive, to grow, to live long and to emerge as a theater that steps on yesterday, listens to today and dreams of tomorrow. With these texts, the springs, the blade, the paint, I try to match the story of my soul with a "crazy group" of shadows, with a patched and barefoot friend, so old but also so up-to-date. An old friend - look! - no matter how much they try to bring him to his knees inside and outside the "berde", he always gets up and with an optimistic look walks to catch the sun. Author: Giannis Chatzis Versions: outside the walls Number of pages: 327 ISBN: 9786188352148
παράσταση καραγκιόζη

Shadow Puppet Theater Performance Karagiozis "Pallikaras" (e-book)


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In this show, Karagiozis takes on the role of "Pallikaras", as we say it in Greece for great bravery, in order to protect the daughter of Sampan Aga, Aise, from the would-be suitors in his own hilarious way. Characteristics: E-book File Format: PDF Number of Pages: 36 Number of Sketches: 8 Creation of black and white illustrations and cover: Anastasios Kouzaros Language: Greek E-book also includes a paper cut design.

Ioannis Roulias, The teacher of shadow puppetteers 1868 - 1905 and the Athenian Theater of Shadow Puppets


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Barba-George was the first theatrical Superhero in whose shadow the pure Doric ethos of the mountain Greeks was concentrated, as it was forged during the Turkish occupation and in the struggles of the National Uprising of 1821, with the desires, expectations and struggles of the Greeks, in the years of Ba of the Panhellenic people for a bigger and free homeland. This first national hero of the shadow theater was created by the Akarnanas Karagiozo player Ioannis Roulias at the end of the 19th Century. We try to sketch the figure of this intelligent artist and to follow the traces of his short life in this book. Author: Anastasios Kouzaros Publications: Self-published Number of pages: 223 ISBN: 9786180017700
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